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Cutes CL
Crafting Officer/Guard Captain
Web Admin
Knight Leader
Knight Leader
Clan Leader
Clan Paperplates values it members and shows this by providing opportunity to enjoy the game to its fullest. By providing clan hunts, raids, pvp in the form of sieges and, when appropriate, wars we hope to give what people look for when playing this game, fun. A system which we call the GP system (Glory points) has been formed to help provide its members with "needed" equipment through participation and donations (explained in detail later in the charter). We're mainly a U.S/Canadian based clan, and because of that we run events around the time most convenient for the majority of the clan. We will not turn away anyone based on their location if wanting to join, though we do ask all applicants to keep in mind the fact that time differences makes a big difference in game enjoyment when playing with a large group of people.
Wish to Join?    
So think you would like to join the family, work together with us, and bring honor to the server (Phoenix)?  We'd love to have you!  We are recruiting active mains.  (Please talk to a recruitment officer first if you are an alt) To join our FAMILY here's what we need you to do:

  To Join the Clan To Join the Website
  1. Read the Paperplates Charters (rules) HERE
  2. Fill out an application HERE
  3. When level 40+ will also need to join the website.
  1. Get your GuildPortal account HERE (REQUIRED!!!) OR click (NEW USER) above.  Make sure that "Apply to the PaperPlates Web Site Now!" is checked.
  2. If you already have a Guild Portal Account: login and please click on the ->Join PaperPlates<- link above.

What's new?    

Paperplates joins Cutetraders

zweisil, Sep 2, 10 2:10 AM.
Paperplates is not currently recruiting, if you were interested, please consider joining CutesTraders

New Clan Hall

zweisil, Mar 4, 10 7:34 PM.
GZ everyone.  We can a new shiny clan halls.  Enjoy the fireplace :D

Major Server Lag

zweisil, Sep 7, 09 4:27 PM.
The Lineage Server, pheonix seems to have some major lag going on.  Nothing from NCSoft, except they took down the aion servers.

5th Anniversary Event April 28-May 5

Roxane729, Apr 22, 09 9:09 PM.
I think they've had this before you collect letters and spell out things. If you spell out certain things you get prizes and stuffs :) Really awesome things actually possible to get boss jewels and all that good stuff. So definatly a good time to hunt. :):) Anywho !!! More specifics AT THIS LINK HERE

Rabbits to Riches March 10-17

Roxane729, Mar 10, 09 1:09 PM.
Fight mobbies! Be a bunnay! Get prizes! Wee!! BE A BUNNAY! ya be a hip hoppity hop hop ontop tip top meep beep bunny bop! o.o

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